Best Facts About The Soy Candle.

  1. Slower release of fragance scents due to the combination of ingredients that make up the soy candle. This is different from it’s counterpart the parrafin candle which looses it’s scent rapidly.
  2. Soya candles are clean burning, so its goodbye to the black stains you get on walls and home interiors as a result of burning paraffin based candles.
  3. Soy wax candles are the ideal carrier for essential oils, thus making them the best Aromatherapy candles; this is because soya wax candles do not have any destructive qualities that offset the therapeutic effects of the essential oil.
  4. A paraffin candle is water insoluble but the Soya candle is water soluble which is great news for those who not only love candles but also love there kids and animals. All those little incidents of spilt wax on your best furniture because the soya candle wax can be washed out by simply using water and soap.
  5. Do you know that whilst paraffin burns faster soya candles burn slower, consequently soy candles lasts 50% longer than petroleum candles which means you get to enjoy your aroma for so much longer.
  6. If you take your resposibility regarding the environment seriously the soy candle is for you. The natural oils produced from the soya bean is biodegradable and the perfect eco friendly candle.
  7. You might also like to know that soya candles are toxin-free and non-carcinogenic, whilst easily available paraffin candles release 11 toxins, 2 of which are carcinogenic
  8. When wax is first spilt it can be darn hot if your using petroleum based wax where as the cool burn of the soya wax means it leaves no burns when it comes in contact with skin. An obvious plus point where the safety of your kids and pets is concerned.

When you think of the health advantages of the soya candle over paraffin wax it puts things into perspective. Whether it be a family get together or a romantic dinner for two the fact you can have a product that doesn’t carry harmful toxins is worth considering the next time your shopping for your candles!

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