How to Make Votives Candle at Home?

How to Make Votives Candle at Home?
A votive candle is usually a small and beautiful candle used while people offer prayer at religious place or ceremonies. Whatever be its scent or size, it makes a wonderful gift and adds a flavor to small parties. Have you ever thought how we can make these candles at home or have you ever tried it? If no then you are at right place. I am listing some easy steps to make votives candle at home. Make someone feel special by gifting handmade gift to the person along with a short personalized message. The person receiving it would feel delighted after getting such wonderful handmade gift.

When it comes to gift under small or tight budget, votive candles are the best option available and are suited for all occasions and events including wedding ceremony, birthday party, open house party, as festival gift or whatever occasion anyone can think of. Many people use votives candle to decorate and give different aroma to their Halloween party.

To make votives candle you need to have some resources before hand with you. Just take any small sized or shallow vessel or any thing that you can think of to reuse as votive. People even prefer sea shell or jelly jar to make votives candle. Use your creative mind to higher extent and take your favorite vessel accordingly. Take small flower pots of 3 to 4 inch and keep them aside. Melt a block of beeswax in a old saucepan and add your favorite scent to it. Various scents are available at stores near you, choose the one best suited for the occasion. If you are making them for gifting purpose than keep in mind the other person’s choice.

Check the vessels for any hole and close it with a pebble or aluminum foil if there is any. It is necessary to make sure wax does not come out of hole when we pour the melted wax in it. Make wick of cotton for each of the vessels and dip them in melted wax. Keep the length of wick longer the height of vessel. Like if the height of vessel is 4 inch then take 6 inch long wick. Hold the wick straight in the center of vessel and slowly pour melted wax with a spoon. You can tie the wick with a pencil to keep it straight. Leave the wick when it dries somewhat and let it harden. Likewise fill all the vessels. Don’t overflow the vessels. After doing all the stuff make sure to trim the wick and decorate the outer portion of vessel with beads. Once cooled, beautiful votives candle are ready for use.

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