How Learning To Sew Can Enrich Your Life

Have you thought of learning how to sew? Do you have a friend or family member who knows how to sew, and you would like to learn too?

Knowing the basics of sewing can get you started very easily.

The first thing you would need is a sewing machine or at least access to a sewing machine.

If you don’t have a sewing machine and it is in your budget to buy one, I recommend buying a machine of your own. You may think you wouldn’t use a sewing machine often, but once you get started with sewing, you will be surprised how often you use it.

If your budget is small, consider a used sewing machine from a local sewing machine retailer. The staff can help you find a machine that is right for your level of sewing and in your price range. For example, you can find a better quality used machine for $100.00 than you would if you bought brand new for the same price.

Choose a project that is basic, no zippers, buttons, snaps etc. The type of sewing pattern you choose should not have too many details. Keep it simple so you don’t get frustrated at the end of your sewing project.

I recommend looking online at the big pattern companies available. They will have great advice for the beginner sewers and patterns to match your capabilities. You can even look for patterns that only take “one hour” to make.

Also, choose a pattern that requires fabric that is easy to work with. An apron would be a good starter project and functional when you finished. Here a few pattern companies to start with.

Mccalls Sewing Patterns

Simplicity Sewing Patterns

Now you have to choose your fabric. As I mentioned above choose a simple pattern and your fabric should match too. The back of the sewing pattern will have fabric suggestions for the type of project you are making.

I suggest a fabric such as woven cotton or cotton blends, in a medium weight, they are easy to work with. I would steer you away from knitting fabrics until you have made a few projects.

Note: Knit fabrics are the kind that stretches easily and is used to make t-shirts and lounge pants etc.

Okay, you have a sewing machine, a pattern for your project and fabric.

Here are the extras you would need to complete a project.

Thread in a coordinating color (buy good quality, so it doesn’t break while sewing)

Sharp scissors (I emphasize sharp)

A dressmakers sewing tape (easily found in the sewing and fabric stores)

Straight pins (buy good quality, and the kind with colored heads so you can see them easily)

Needles for hand sewing. (optional, but a good idea to have)

Any notions you need for your project (you will find this shortlist on the back of the pattern)

As you learn to sew and your skills improve, find a good sewing book or two that will help with sewing techniques.

Here are some suggestions:

“The Sewing Book” by Alison Smith.

“Sewing 101. A Beginners Guide To Sewing”

I have both of these books, they are well worth the purchase, and both books are found in any book store or online.

I also suggest a subscription to “Threads Magazine” the articles are very helpful and the information never becomes obsolete. Also, consider looking into beginner sewing classes in your community. Their businesses set up just for sewing classes to get you started. Perhaps a one on one experience is best for you, instead of going it alone.

Now it is time to start your project. Open your pattern and read carefully, the directions for putting your project together. Take your time so you will understand as much as you can about the project before you cut anything out. The instructions will tell you which pieces you will need to cut out and how to lay out the pattern pieces on the fabric.

Take Your Time! Don’t be in a hurry, this isn’t a race. You will get so much more pleasure and satisfaction out of your completed sewing project if you take it slow. I hope this is helpful to get you started in your sewing endeavor.

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