Impact of Astronomy Hobbyists

Impact of Astronomy Hobbyists

Astronomy is the science of studying heavenly bodies like the stars, moon, sun, other planets, and comets. It involves things like calculating the courses of a given comet, studying the patterns and movements of a constellation, the orbits of the moon, calculating the mass of a planet and changes to it made by meteor strikes, etc.

Astronomy at it’s deepest level involves large numbers of daunting calculations, but thankfully, for people who simply like stargazing it doesn’t have to be that daunting. There are actually thousands of amateur astronomers who take it up as a hobby, simply because they like looking up at the stars.

Most of these people form their own clubs or hobby groups, and take periodic field trips out to study the heavens. Within most of these small groups, there are individuals who specialize in certain areas of expertise. Usually, there is at least one person in the group who has an extensive knowledge of star charts, or access to them. This person is often the one in charge of scheduling the group’s field trips to coincide with special occasions like to watch a certain comet pass near the earth, or to view an alignment of two planets.

Within each group, there are also people who pick a favorite subject to view. This may be a special star like a white dwarf, a planet within the solar system, a far away galaxy, or an asteroid belt. Whatever the case, these people often spend most of their time tracking changes and occurences to their favorite subject.

Because of the rewards given and the attached prestige for new discoveries, amateur astrologers have always been a source of new information that the more official professional astrologers have traditionally looked to as a valuable set of partners, not simply as hobbyists.

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